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We provide a wide range of high quality services within the following sectors:

  • Demolition
  • Ground Works
  • Waste Disposal
  • New Builds
  • Crushing Services

Here a just a few examples of work we've carried out over the years:

Job Title:Concrete Floor to First Level
Description:This job involved laying a Bison concrete floor on the first level of a new build. This structural floor is approximately 220 square metres and the entire job took 3 days to complete.
Job Title:Lay Rock Garden with Integrated Irrigation System
Description:Here we cleared and excavated a heavily overgrown area and laid a very attractive rock garden with an integrated irrigation system. The entire job took 4 days to complete.
Job Title:Powerwash Roof
Description:Here we powerwashed a roof which had not been cleaned in 35 years. We first prepared the roof by treating it with a chemical agent and powerwashed the entire roof the following day.
Job Title:Powerwash Roof
Description:Here we powerwashed the roof of this beautiful convent. It had been 30 years since it was last cleaned and given the nature of the roof, it was necessary to wash it square metre by square metre from a cherry picker. Taking this and the size of the building in to account, the job took 10 days to complete.